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The Sunday Currently

It’s been more than a week since the lockdown and still pretty much stuck at home. Weekdays are mostly occupied with work from home. I tried to keep myself busy on weekends. I did some cooking dash yesterday by cooking pansit. I love that there’s a vegetable stand at the corner from my apartment, and I dropped by yesterday to buy some fresh vegetables for my pansit

I also bought some stuff in the grocery for the lemon pound cake that I also baked. I have this stand mixer that was given to me by my manager at work a week ago, too. The history there was that I had a failed experience in buying a mixer in Amazon, there were some parts mixing. While I was telling my disappointment with her during our hike some weeks ago, she said that she got an extra and she’s actually thinking how to get rid of it because she wants to buy a new one for her daughter. Voila! She decided to give it to me instead, and it was good as new. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I love how it wasn’t noisy and a very efficient machine! I look forward to make some bread or even cinnamon bread soon! Yum! 🙂

It’s a chill day today. I mean, I just finished dinner after waking up from a good afternoon nap. Oh, boy! I know that I’m going to find sleep again tonight so, perhaps, I will return to the book I’m currently reading…


ReadingA Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich that I bought from Antibes Bookstore before the lockdown

Writing. None fore now. I have books to read

Listening. None. It’s quiet outside, and I like the silence.

Smelling. Yogurt with fruits that I had for dessert tonight 😛

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family.

Hoping. Peace of mind. I got lots of things in my mind to do this week at work.

Wearing. Shorts and sleeveless top. It’s only 15c outside, but in my apartment, the temp is just right. LOL

Loving. The silence in my street during the lockdown.

Needing. To focus. I accepted a new responsibility at work, and I’m looking forward to explore it this week! 🙂

Feeling. Relaxed. I told you, I just woke up from my afternoon nap! Hahaha. Time check, 8pm. This afternoon, I also dyed my hair brown again to cover up my grey hairs. I have such a long black hair, and it took me more than two hours doing this. Imagine how exhaustive that was. No wonder I had a good sleep when I was done 😛

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

The Sunday Currently

It’s the third day of the lockdown, and my friend texted about the church being open today for mass celebration. So I made an attestation from the Covid Tracing app and went to the cathedral. Today is All Saints Day, a Catholic holiday.

It’s my first time to go out since the lockdown started and I don’t really like it much because I have to fill up an attestation to justify my presence outside. I would rather stay indoors. But during the 1st lockdown, I also rarely go out and it almost drove me nuts, trying to overcome cabin fever. We can still go out but, in order not to defeat the purpose of this lockdown, we all have to respect the rules, and most especially to stay indoors as much as we could, and only go out when we really have to. Gosh, I have another mission this week, an appointment at the Prefecture, so I have to go out again, and just thinking about it is making me apprehensive. :/

my little Christmas corner

Today is the first day of November and the tradition in my culture for All Saints’ Day is to light up a candle to remember my family and ancestors who passed. I’m going to light up one tonight, and this one is most especially to my grandparents, two of whom I never met and my grandma who passed 3 years ago and I dearly missed.


Reading. A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich that I bought from Antibes Bookstore before the lockdown

Writing. I’m at the Chapter 4 at the moment of the book I’m trying to write. They say there’s no timeline on when to publish a book, and I believe I have all the time in the world, hahaha

Listening. None

Smelling. Fresh laundry. Hmmmm… 🙂

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family.

Hoping. For peace. There is a lot going on in the world lately. It broke my heart to hear another violent incidents in Nice and in Jeddah, in the US, and the super typhoon in the Philippines.

Wearing. Shorts and shirt. It’s only 18c outside. LOL

Loving. This afternoon, binge-watching on all those cheesy, romantic movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, haha.

Needing. To clear my mind with a lot of things right now. After dropping my decision last week, slowly, I’m getting over my anxieties. I’m glad that my family and best friends are always just a phone call away every time I need someone to talk to.

Feeling. Peaceful right now. I was just talking to this guy I dated a few months back last night. We’re just friends now, nothing more, and I’m better with that. My friends always tell me that it’s not possible. Maybe not, I don’t know. But what I know is that I am at peace now. I know what I want and life is continuously presenting many opportunities for me. There will be challenges along the way, that’s for sure, but that’s what makes it pretty exciting and interesting.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

France is Back to its 2nd Lockdown

Last night, France watched and listened to President Macron gave the details of the current COVID situation in the country. I waited in bated breath (yeah, I was really anticipating this the whole day. It’s what we all talk about in the office earlier) on his announcement on what will be the next measures to protect everyone from the virus and to help the healthcare workers from oversaturation of French hospitals.

And there, he said it.

France will be back into lockdown this Friday, October 30, until December 1.

But, the schools stay open.

How? I don’t know, too. I believe that Prime Minister Jean Castex will be announcing the details this evening. There will be forms to fill up again when one needs to go out, and the same fine of 135 euros for the violators.

I woke up this morning, somehow disoriented because the someone perhaps decided to fix the roads around my area and ended at 3am. I went out to drop the clothes and other stuff that I want to give away, and passed by the nearby boulangerie. I need a fix of some good baguette and pain au chocolat to start this day.

I deserve this!

As the day continues, I could feel the people’s reaction from last night’s announcement. Traffic is everywhere. It’s a bit noisy outside, and when I went out for a quick grocery run (I did not buy toilet papers, I have enough), there are lots of people outside, too!

After work, I decided to go around my place, too. I walked down the road of Albert 1er and passed by people who seemed to be in a hurry. There was a queue in a store for hair products (I understand them. I bought a box of hair coloring, too). There were lots of people at the sea front, most seemed to be like me, looking out at the sea and appreciating the moment while we’re still not in lockdown. I took some photos (I shared some of those in my IG) and continued walking. I reached the old town and walked around, too. There were lots of people going their way, preparing for the lockdown for sure. I dropped by Antibes Books, the English bookstore and bought a couple of books to read at home. I continued going around, wherever my legs could take me. I ended up buying myself a smoked salmon sandwich for dinner. I had it wrapped so I can enjoy at home. Asia Freres, the Asian grocery, was also full when I decided to drop by. I bought a few items and then, went home.

I’ve been telling myself, this will only take a month, although some news say that this was only the initial plan and may be extended. I don’t know. But what I hope is that this second lockdown will help the health workers. I hope this lockdown will work. I hope this ends soon.

How about you? What did you do to prepare yourself for the lockdown or quarantine in your area? 🙂

Update: French PM details new restrictions as country heads back into lockdown

France’s COVID TRACE APP on Mobile Phones

This week, I downloaded Tous Anti Covid, a tool here in France that was created to trace the chains of contamination of the Coronavirus 19, especially in areas that are high in numbers of circulation. This can be downloaded in Apple or Google Play.

I admit that it’s scary to activate it, as shown below, because the mobile app requires you to open your bluetooth. When the bluetooth is open, you have an option to activate it. This will enable to detect anyone nearby who uses the app – and reported that they have tested positive with COVID19 – to notify you when you have come close in contact with them. Once this happens, it will send a notification in your mobile phone, sending awareness that you isolate yourself to avoid spreading it out to someone else as well as some instructions on what you can do. It is important to take note that everything and everyone is anonymous. Privacy is still respected here. You will only know that you have been in contact with someone within a meter for at least 15 minutes – but you will not know who. It is now up to you to self-isolate/self-quarantine to protect yourself and others for further contamination. The app has several guided information and what’s good about this? It’s in English! Maybe, it automatically defaults to my phone since that’s my personal preference, but I hope that it also has something in French. This should be easily utilized by everyone in France and it will be very helpful that it is well-understood by most locals.

I activated the app on my phone. I’m grateful that I’m safe.

It is free and voluntary, so we have an option to activate or deactivate. Since the aim is to be able to have an early detection and prevention, this will work only if a lot of people will download and start using the app.

I think that this will only work effectively if a person who took a test or tested positive with the virus was able to download and record it in the app. Otherwise, we will all just be walking around with this app in the background and not knowing that an asymptomatic person have already come close in contact with us.

The government released a whole page dedicated to inform everyone about this new tool and it is found HERE.

Also, since there are now 54 Departments and one overseas territory under curfew for the period of six weeks, the mobile app also has a link that provides the certificate that you need to fill up if you want to go out within the period of curfew from 9pm to 6am. It’s almost the same certificate that we have to fill up during the 3-month lockdown last March – May. I just wonder who walks their dog beyond 9pm…

I hope this information helps. The app still makes me anxious. I try my best to live with the virus, doing the normal things but with utmost caution. I hope that I won’t get any notification from it. Anyway, it will help us protect ourselves and other people. I also hope you would try to download and use this. And hopefully, we could overcome this pandemic soon.

Take care of yourself and stay safe!

The Sunday Currently

I just got home from another unexpected lunch with my friend at her place today. You can see in the photo above that we had tinolang manok, a Filipino chicken soup dish that is best eaten with rice. Yum! I enjoyed having lunch with my friend because we had conversations about anything and everything, and I live for that kind of meaningful lunches. In this time and age, we all should be appreciating life in general and that includes long lunch hours full of good food and wine and friends.

Shoutout also to my Dad who is celebrating his birthday today. I had a call with him earlier to greet him. I miss him so much and I hope that one day, I will be able to go home to visit, so I can hug my parents.


Reading. I forgot what is the title but I have a book currently reading right now about a feud between a sheik and a princess. Romance novel, of course. Haha.

Writing. Nothing, at the moment.

Listening. Nothing. It’s gloomy outside and since it’s Sunday, it is usually a quiet time for everyone. That, and I think that we were still reeling from the fact that the curfew here in the south of France actually started last night from 9pm. It was eerily quiet outside.

Smelling. Scented candles 🙂

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. With the situation I am in right now, I would be able to get what I aim to do this week.

Wearing. Shorts and shirt. It’s only 18c outside.

Loving. To lie on my bed and finish my book.

Needing. To clear my mind with a lot of things right now. My work and my personal life.

Feeling. Anxious. I need to finish a letter I am writing. Too many life-changing decisions that I have to make.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

The Sunday Currently

I just got home from an impromptu dinner with a dear friend. I went to her to get some insights in my current situation and she also shared with me some of her experiences. It was all inspiring and insightful, and after a very good meal of osso buco and risotto (my first time, actually!), I went home ready to call it a day and rest.

This morning, I went to the mountains with some friends. I forgot what is it called. I may have to check the photos later to see the details. But all in all, the hike was great, I had a good time and I had a good view of the coast.


Reading. I forgot what is the title but I have a book currently reading right now, and the story was set in the Regency era.

Writing. Nothing, at the moment.

Listening. Nothing. It was all quiet inside my apartment right now and the street outside is void of any noise.

Smelling. I cannot describe what that smell is but it seemed to smell like fresh laundry. 🙂

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. With the situation I am in right now, I would be able to get what I aim to do this week.

Wearing. Shorts and shirt, even when it’s 15c outside.

Loving. To sleep. I had a long day.

Needing. To clear my mind with a lot of things right now. My work and my personal life.

Feeling. Anxious. Too many life-changing decisions that I have to make this week.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

First-time in Greece

It’s been a year when an idea struck after my sister told me that she’s going to spend the summer holidays in Europe with me. I was racking my brains on where to go, what to do. I find it still amazing that we can go anywhere in the Schengen area with our visa and I was excited about this. For a Filipino who was able to manage to get the Schengen visa, the possibilities are endless! 🙂

I was thinking that perhaps we can go up north, but my sister already planned for a pre-trip with her friend in the northeastern Europe so I would give it to her and decided to check somewhere else in the Schengen map, haha. And with some budget considerations, we ended up on planning to go to Greece. It’s pretty exciting since it will be our first time and it has been something that I would really love to go. I love history and by default, we ended up in Athens as first-timers, haha!

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Bridgerton Series

I am excited this week when one of my favorite authors, Julia Quinn, announced that the Bridgerton TV series is finally coming to Netflix on December 25!

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December 25. Please make haste.

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To refresh the memory of anyone who also love the book series like I do, this is about the eight children of the late Viscount Bridgerton: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. You see that they were alphabetically-named and each has their own story in the series. The stories will be full of romantic entanglements, but also, about love, family, and friendship. I enjoyed reading these and if you haven’t yet, you may head over to this complete list on where where to get it.

I love reading novels set in the Victorian and Regency period, and I really look forward to watching this one when the news came that it would be adapted as a TV series by Netflix. It was created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Princess Diaries 2. 🙂

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Dreams do come true! #thebridgertons @netflix @byshondaland

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Aside from Christmas, I have another thing to look forward to on December 25th! 🙂

If you are also interested in this new series, follow Bridgerton’s accounts on Instagram and Twitter. And most of all, follow Julia Quinn on Instagram to get some deets on the series and also her books.

(banner photo from Bridgerton’s official Twitter 🙂 )

The Sunday Currently

I turned off the heating yesterday but only have to turn it on again today because it’s raining and a bit colder. The windows in my kitchen fogged up 🙂 It’s one of those lazy (it’s always like this) Sundays where you just want to curl up on your bed with a good book and hot choco on the side.


Reading. A new novel by Jayci Lee

Writing. I just finished writing A Guide to Moving Abroad after a few days since watching Emily in Paris. That series is unrealistic, but since we all need a different entertainment these days, just go and watch, haha.

Listening. The pitter patter of the falling rain in my balcony.

Smelling. Lemon. I’m going to make a custard cake for my friend’s birthday dinner tonight.

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. For a calm week ahead. But I have a new challenge this week, so we’ll see…

Wearing. Shorts and shirt, even when it’s 14c outside and raining.

Loving. To just curl up in my bed and hide under the covers. We have such a cozy weather today!

Needing. To make that butter in room temperature now, lol

Feeling. Excited to see a couple of my friends today.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

A Guide to Moving Abroad

One day, your foreign boss sent you a message out of nowhere, asking about your expertise and what else can you do. The next thing you know, you have been asked if you considered relocating abroad to be part of a team.

This happened to me. It all happened in a span of about two weeks. And within four months (the legal and immigration aspects had something to do with it), I was already on a plane to live in an entire new country with nothing but the expertise I was expected of, some hopes and dreams for an entirely new future.

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The Sunday Currently

Finally, it’s October. We got three months left before it’s 2021. We had a rough year and everyone is looking forward to the new year. It’s the hope of new things, overcoming challenges, even when we know that what we’re going through is not done yet. But it’s human nature to hope, to have something to look forward to.

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