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Alexia Mendoza instantly knew Richard was within the area. For some reason, her senses would go overdrive, aware of his presence. She didn’t know why. The first time she learned about Lucas Reyes’ nephew, she took all the information she could get about the drug lord’s most trusted relative. She had to cover all bases to know how she would act in front of Lucas’s favorite nephew. If he were smart, she would know when to be careful not to blow her cover.

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Muted Darkness

Warning: Suggested violence.

It was dark. She almost could not see anything. The closed-door of the closet where she was hiding was blocking her from everything was the only safe haven she could have at this moment. She was shaking. She was scared. Another loud shot rang outside, and her hands immediately flew to her mouth, avoiding so much as not letting any sound to come out of her lips. She was void with the ability to speak since she was born, but being deaf would not stop her. She could not scream, but maybe her wails could get anyone’s attention. She could not do it yet, however. Not while the assailant was still outside, roaming the hall. 

Hands in her mouth, she felt the cold metal on her finger. Angrily, she slipped it off, regretting the day that someone put it on her. Salty tears streamed down her face, wetting her hands as she continued to cry quietly. Sweat trickled down her face, as well. It touched the hands, covering her mouth. She has been hiding inside for so long. Nobody expected it. They didn’t see it coming. He was the kindest man she met, whom she thought have accepted her despite her disabilities. She loved him, but she has been wrong after all. He was an opportunist who wanted nothing but power and wealth. And he would get it, even if it takes him to murder her entire family, including her. 

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How to Keep your Sanity while in Quarantine?

The pandemic is still here, and we haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet. Some countries are still in quarantine. Some have finished the government-imposed lockdown (like here in France). But most of all, every one of us is adapting to the new normal.

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How have you changed in the last 5 years?

During my first month at work here in France only a few years ago, my manager asked me one of the age-old questions that have been asked to many of us in this lifetime: how do you see yourself in the next 5 years? It was a challenging question, and one would think, you have to make an impression if you get asked by this question. But I have always been honest, and I made this clear with my manager and so, I said that I did not have any plans yet, especially that I just relocated to France from my job post in Bangkok, Thailand. The move to a new continent was something that this Asian still hasn’t wrapped around her head yet, I’m telling you. I never thought, nor expected, that I would be moving in this side of the world, away from the people I know and love.

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Blog Post Challenge

Real life has taken over for the past weeks since I last posted anything here. I go to social media only every now and then just to check on family and friends’ posts, but other than that, I occupied myself with work (things have been really in the office right now and I’m grateful), writing a book, reading some and trying to get back to arts.

I recently downloaded Pinterest, too, just to check on ideas for interior decorations. I just acquired another property back home and I had these many ideas on how to make it look homely. My parents were taking care of it, but being away from them (and did not have anything else to do right now but stay here in Europe due to the pandemic), I amused myself in looking at those beautiful kitchen designs. I love cooking and I love spending time coming up with something delightful to put on the table.

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Lost and Found

Oscar almost stumbled as he rushed towards the study room where his friends converged for a weekly meeting. Everyone turned when he burst into the door.


One of them, Julian, the Marquess of Willsbur, walked up to him. “Is there anything wrong?”

“I bet you didn’t hear yet about the palace statement today.” Phones were strictly not allowed every time they would meet. For that matter, they were able to finish their discussion on the charity foundations they were supporting and other plans they have as a group of friends.

But today, upon saying that, and noting the urgency in Oscar’s tone, the other five gentlemen in that room took their phones out to check.

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Glory of Love

It was the proverbial fight of good versus evil. Everybody saw it coming. Ever since the self-installed Prime Minister Fran Hurgeb announced martial law and ordered for cleansing , eradicating the half-blooded Doans, Cyphrus and Odessa knew that this called for another challenge. It would be an adventure where they would fight with all their might to defend human rights that has been abused by the evil PM. It would be a fight to take back the kingdom from Hurgeb. It would be a fight that would test their relationship as well.

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The Obituary

One of the painful thing to see was the obituary of your own parent in the dailies, and knowing at the same time that the mystery on why he was killed still remain. According to the autopsy, he was found poisoned in the dining room. The employees in the mansion were investigated but nobody was found guilty of the crime. Kiara mourned and she was more than glad that her husband never left her side. She and Olivier just got married and the honeymoon was cut upon knowing the tragic demise of her father.

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Fortune Cookie

It was an unconventional meeting, Andrea thought. She tried to piece the puzzle together to form a coherent reason on why Richard came up to her in the bar that evening weeks ago. She was scheduled to deliver a classified information to her boss. But this man was keeping her from leaving the restaurant.

They only knew each other for a few weeks, while she worked in the IT company in Boston that manufactured state-of-the-art computer chips that could trigger a weapon. Being a corporate spy, she was tasked to find out the secret codes that comprised the new chip. This chip would be entrusted to the Homeland Security Department. This was no ordinary chip. If her group would obtain the information before the government does, it would mean a control towards the Nebula Satellite, which was created to get the instruction to aim a high-powered missile towards a programmed destination. The information cost money. She needed that money.

But she had to get rid of this man first.

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An Excursion to Nice

I have two days off from work because I have some expiring holidays this month that I have to use. I don’t know where to go and as I was reading my book of France (it includes some stories, tour guides and maps), I checked how much to spend, what to see and do, the health and safety regulations and I came into a conclusion that, nope, not now. I still cannot go and it made me sad. That would somehow contribute to the local economy but with all the options I’ve had, I cannot go any further than my neighboring towns for now. I’m thinking about where to go and what to do tomorrow, but today, I decided to go to Nice.

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