COVID got Close!

If you live under the rock since the first lockdown (wherever you may be), the number of Covid cases is re-surging again due to some variants and some regulations getting eased up. I am crossing the bridge towards this topic that many people are still arguing about. Some still think … Continue reading COVID got Close!

The Sunday Currently

We’re almost done in June. Last week, I celebrated my birthday with a few friends. Another year in France, and it wasn’t over yet. Last year, I was looking forward to spend my birthday with my family but of course, we know what 2020 meant to everyone.


I was off for a few days at work, and I took the opportunity to go to Éze – something that I have always wanted to do. And of all the time when I chose to visit, I decided to do it during the sweltering summer. For my trip to … Continue reading Éze-capade!

The Sunday Currently

I’m currently enjoying my monthly mental break, the time where I spent the day doing nothing and absolutely everything that I can think of, except work. It has been five months since I decided to start doing it. I have lots of vacation leaves that were not used since I … Continue reading The Sunday Currently


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