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The Sunday Currently

I am sure that it’s not only me who has been taking those mental breaks since it dawned on us that this pandemic would be here in a while. When the 1st lockdown ended here in France in mid-May, I was able to adjust to the new norm – that we’re all going to be working from home longer than we thought. It’s not only me who needs this. We need this. We live different lives, but I’m sure that we go through things, and we need to have that opportunity to pause and re-group ourselves. A new year has arrived, the vaccines have been developed, but I’m still working from home for almost ten months. Not that I’m complaining. I am grateful for the work I have and love, and I was able to find a balance between life at home and at work. 

And that’s where the mental breaks come in. There was so much happening personally and at work in June. It’s my birthday month, but I was sad. And even when I love my job, it was also causing some strain in me. That’s when I decided to take the break during the week of my birthday. It did me some good, even for a short time. I had the time to relax and rest my mind and reset it for the coming weeks. Since then, I decided to take those breaks once a month. Besides, I need to use my holidays, and I have about forty-five more.

Last week, I took my first mental break for the year. But instead of going anywhere, I stayed home. I took off from social media. I went out for a walk, went to the market and bought myself some flowers. I went to one of my favorite cafes and tried their cinnamon rolls. I purchased another history book to read at the English bookstore in the old town. I enjoyed the calls I had with my family. I did anything but work. It was relaxing, and I’m ready for the coming week’s challenges.


Reading.  Another book about history. Did I tell you that I’m a sucker for history? One of the reasons that it was easy for me to be convinced about moving to Europe was knowing that this continent is rich with history that I have yet to discover. France is steeped in it, so does its surrounding countries.

Writing. None. I’m busy reading.

Listening. The sound of the wind rattling against the window frame. It’s a windy, cold night.

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family in spring or summer. I plan to get vaccinated, when it becomes available for the younger citizens, because I want myself and my family to be safe when I travel home to visit them.

Hoping. For that one wish that I have since two months ago.

Loving.ย My me time. I baked some chicken and cooked some vegetables as sides. I also made this Scottish shortbread cookies – thick, soft and crumbly. I love it. This week, I hope the sun would be back because I plan to test making that soft cheesy rolls that I miss having at Mary Grace in Manila. I love baking when the sun is out (during winter) because it’s easier to make the bread rise as I put the dough directly into the sunlight near the balcony, hahaha!

Needing. I plan to go back to that book I am reading. Itโ€™s relaxing to read on this quiet Sunday night.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

The Sunday Currently

We just got over the seven-day trial of 2021. Of course, we do not have any choice but to take it and continue forward to this year. It’s the first week of the year and to say that a lot has happened is an understatement. For me, a lot has happened at work where decisions have been made, as well as in my personal life.

Moving forward, I only wished that this year would be kinder to every one of us. In Chinese zodiac, the year of the Metal Ox will start on February 12 for the Chinese New year. I read that this year will be the year for relationships of whatever kind, and the year for economic recovery. I read these things because it’s interesting. Hehe. ๐Ÿ˜›

Also, 2021 is when the United Nations declared as the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, and the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor.

Moving on…


Reading.  Like always, I’m reading a book. I have this one that I bought in Bangkok years ago and haven’t read yet. I plan to start reading it: Princesses Behaving Badly

Writing. None. I’m busy reading. ๐Ÿ˜›

Listening.ย I’m watching and listening to a Netflix series at the same time: The History of Swear Words

Wishing.ย Unpopular, but I wish that we can have a day of snow here. It’s too cold for the past days, and it’s like… just let it snow already!

Hoping. For a focused mind this week. There are lots of things going on behind-the-scenes, and I wish that for a while, I can forget them and just focus on my work.

Loving.ย I just had coffee and cake. I went out earlier this afternoon. I was hoping that the store Maison Bremond 1830 in the old town is open, because I am going to bake a bread, and I don’t have the confiture (jam) that the kind lady offered me last Christmas. She’s right, it’s so good. I was not a fan of jam for breakfast until I had it. It’s only a Christmas offer, but hopefully, they still have it at the store

Needing. As soon as I finish with the Netflix series, I need to go back to the book I am reading.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

Chicken a la Hainanese recipe

This is derived from the recipe in cooking Hainanese chicken, but I personally decided that I will not be able to make this dish perfect enough to be rightfully called as Hainanese chicken. I have tasted the said delicious Singaporean pride and it’s one of my favorites, one that I always should have every time I set foot in Singapore.

Now, with respect to this dish that I love so much, I made my own in the comforts of my French home because I miss it so dearly.

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Muted Darkness

Warning: Suggested violence.

It was dark. She almost could not see anything. The closed-door of the closet where she was hiding was blocking her from everything was the only safe haven she could have at this moment. She was shaking. She was scared. Another loud shot rang outside, and her hands immediately flew to her mouth, avoiding so much as not letting any sound to come out of her lips. She was void with the ability to speak since she was born, but being deaf would not stop her. She could not scream, but maybe her wails could get anyoneโ€™s attention. She could not do it yet, however. Not while the assailant was still outside, roaming the hall. 

Hands in her mouth, she felt the cold metal on her finger. Angrily, she slipped it off, regretting the day that someone put it on her. Salty tears streamed down her face, wetting her hands as she continued to cry quietly. Sweat trickled down her face, as well. It touched the hands, covering her mouth. She has been hiding inside for so long. Nobody expected it. They didnโ€™t see it coming. He was the kindest man she met, whom she thought have accepted her despite her disabilities. She loved him, but she has been wrong after all. He was an opportunist who wanted nothing but power and wealth. And he would get it, even if it takes him to murder her entire family, including her. 

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The Sunday Currently

It is always a big bunch of hope every time we end a year and face the new one. And from the previous one we all have had, it’s safe for me to say that we are all looking forward to a better new year. Of course, at the back of our minds we know that the virus is still there, and will be for quite some time, but with all the experiences we’ve had and the lessons we’ve learned from these, we are looking forward to a fresh start.

On the eve of the new year, I spent my afternoon with my colleagues at one of their houses. We cooked (I did pansit, while they did tartiflette) and had late lunch / early dinner, and had some games and wine afterwards. Since there was a curfew here in France that starts at 8pm, and I don’t want to stay overnight in their house, I bid goodbyes and new year wishes to them at about seven in the evening. It’s a quiet, New Year’s eve for me, as I read my books and listen to others in nearby apartments having a party of their own. That certain kind of quietness might have been less appealing to some but I am most content in those simple moments. I love going out and be with friends, too, but there are times that I just don’t want to expend so much energy into. Before the clock struck at midnight, my sister called. She’s spending her holidays in one of the islands in Thailand because like me, she could not go home to the Philippines to spend time with our families, too. So, I welcomed the new year with my sister on a videocall, and it’s nice. It’s simple, quiet, but nice.

Since the new year is now upon us, I had plans of decluttering my apartment and I started already as early as November during the second lockdown. I don’t have a lot, but I felt like I have to still get rid of things that I don’t really need. The first days of the new year was spent indoors since it’s raining outside. I started with the pantry where I was able to empty two shelves! I re-arranged some kitchen stuff and my kitchen looks better and more spacious.

Then I went next for my cabinet and deliberated which clothes that I no longer need. I realized during the lockdown that I only favored a few tops, dresses and pants, and I don’t think I will need more. Then in the closet at the hall, I got rid of the boxes that I have been keeping but didn’t find any use at all. At the end of the day, I surprised myself to have more spaces in my cabinets than I thought.

But, there’s still a lot of work to do.


Reading.  Re-reading a regency romance novel by Julia Quinn, titled Splendid.

Writing. None. Iโ€™m busy reading, getting rid of stuff, etc. etc. etc. ๐Ÿ˜›

Listening. Bridgerton is playing again on my TV, haha. I was laughing at this part where Lady Berbrooke, Nigel’s mother, said during the afternoon tea with Violet and Daphne Bridgerton – “God did not bless me with another because perfection had already been achieved.” If you watched this series, you will know who Nigel Berbrooke is and how comical this is! Hahaha. You can find this scene in Episode 2.

I have lots of favorite scenes in the series and it’s one of these:

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over. I’m tired of it. Aren’t we all? There’s a new strain that everybody is talking about, and the Alpes-Maritimes region has gone into an earlier curfew of 6PM. It’s too early and I can imagine how much of an added strain that this has been doing again to the local businesses. So, I wish that this pandemic to be over. I just wonder how and when.

Hoping. I actually don’t know what to hope, perhaps a focused mind. There’s a lot of things to think right now.

Loving. I just had cake and tea. I love cakes. Better as I watch Bridgerton (again) today.

Needing. I plan to go back to that book I am reading tonight. Itโ€™s always relaxing to read on this quiet Sunday night.

Last week, we had a bit of a commotion here since there was an unexpected hail storm on the night of Christmas. Since then, it’s been raining for the whole week and even colder. I don’t have the energy to go out in the rain. I wish that the sun will come out soon, but after looking at the weather forecast for the week, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

PS. I uninstalled the Amazon app last night. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

Looking Back to the Year 2020

To say that nobody expected a global pandemic to happen this year was an understatement. Like it always does to many of us, I had so many plans in early January about the things I look forward to be doing for the rest of the year. I was even planning to send my parents here for vacation in March and take them around Europe.

The first quarter was a mixture of many things. I had a scary bus accident, and thankfully came out with nothing but a bruise. Things were looking fine at work. And, it may have sounded clichรฉ for some but I met a good man on the day after Valentine’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚ And then, the half of March came and things have never been the same.

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The Sunday Currently

It was Christmas two days ago, my favorite time of the year. This time, I celebrated Noche Buena, a traditional Filipino Christmas eve dinner with a few friends here in Antibes. Of course, in observance to the safe health protocols, we were only four. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was divine. I got to enjoy my time with these few but dear people, and I am fortunate to have them especially at this time.

In our Noche Buena, we prepared a fusion of our Filipino and the western culture, as we live through it now. We had paella, lechon, embutido, salad and roasted vegetables. The night was full of shared memories of the country we miss so much, laughter, a bit of games, wine and coffee, and of course, the exchange of gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

A few weeks back, I attended a coffee break meeting with some of my friends at work, and we had this topic about what are the things we are grateful of. We took turns to share the things we love and thankful to have. For me, it’s just simply that for everything that has happened this year, I am grateful for the good health and welfare of my family and friends, a job that I still have and love doing, and food on my table. It has been a very challenging year for everyone, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I guess, it was not enough to say that we should look out for each other. I think that it should always be something that we have to do to each other, because at the end of the day, our sense of humanity is fulfilled with simple acts of kindness towards each other in order to get through everything, especially at this time.

On the night of Christmas, I finally got to enjoy Bridgerton on Netflix. I have been looking forward to this since it was announced that the book series by Julia Quinn will be adapted into a Netflix series. To say that I binge-watched was an understatement. I love it so much that I am watching it for the second time today again, haha. At the end of the eight-episode series, I am very much looking forward to Anthony Bridgerton’s story (enjoy the Viscount’s wink below). I love him in the books and I love him more in the series. Actually, I love this Bridgerton family that I can’t wait to hear the announcement of Season 2.


Reading.ย  A regency romance novel by Julia Quinn, because I cannot get enough of the Bridgertons that I have to read them again.

Writing.ย None. I’m busy reading. ๐Ÿ˜›

Listening.ย The faint noise of my neighbor’s TV, wherever that is. And occasionally, a car or a motorcycle passing by the road – during curfew hours. ๐Ÿ˜›

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family in spring.

Hoping.ย For a focused mind this week. Only three days at work, and only a few people in the team in the last week of 2020.

Loving.ย I just had coffee and cake. I love cakes, and ordered the yule log version of my favorite Saint Barth from Lilian Bonnefoi for the holiday season.

Needing.ย I plan to go back to that book I am reading. It’s relaxing to read on this quiet Sunday night.

Also, on the night of Christmas, there was a bit of commotion that happened in this part of France. We had an unexpected hail storm. I looked outside and my balcony was a bit full of water and I thought there was some stones, before I realized that it’s hail. Oh, well. I hoped that everyone is fine now after that night. It was unexpected and I know that it’s dangerous to drive out in that storm when the car is not well-equipped with such weather.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

A Pinay Newbie in France

Two years ago, I made another big decision in my life by accepting that position in my job and moving to an entirely different world, aka Europe. For those who may not know yet, Europe is VERY different from Asia, in many aspects. To be culturally shocked might have been an understatement, even from me who’s always been a lover of world history and a regular in libraries to read and study it.

I decided to list down the things I learned and observed, and please be reminded, that these are only based from my experiences and it could be different with others. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Sunday Currently

Five days to go before Christmas.

It’s my favorite time of the year, and I really love spending this with my family. But this year, as we all know it, is a very exceptional year! So, while I’m stuck here in France, I will make the best out of it. I already planned some things like hearing mass online, videocalling the family, making embutido, preparing presents for a few of my friends, indulging myself on a cake from my favorite boulangerie, watching Bridgerton on Netflix…

Early last week, I went to the post office to send postcards and Christmas cards to my family and friends. I am excited because it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. I know I was way too young, and I remember that it was during the time when my dad was in Australia for a few years.

This weekend, I started checking out gifts for my friends here in Antibes. There is still some work to do in the office, and I am honestly jealous of those whose offline messages started last Friday, haha. Most are going back in early January, and I was usually one of them. Next year, I plan to go home and will make the best of it with my family.

I avoided posting for the past two weeks here in my blog because of work and some personal stuff. But hopefully, in the coming year, I will be able to post more content when time permits. Isolation gets into me sometimes, especially at this time of the year, and please understand that it’s not easy. If you have family members or friends who you think are alone somewhere in the world right now, hit that button and send them a message. You will know how that simple thought is greatly appreciated especially at this time. ๐Ÿ™‚


Reading.  A regency romance novel.

Writing.ย Reports. It’s what keeping me busy these past days.

Listening.ย I just finished watching a Filipino online concert from the Philippine community in Paris that a friend shared with me today. You can check them out at their Youtube or Facebook page for more details.

Smelling.ย I brewed some espresso for my afternoon merienda. Bango! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family in spring.

Hoping.ย For a focused mind this week. Only three days at work, and only a few people in the team in the last weeks of 2020.

Wearing.ย jammies ๐Ÿ˜›

Loving.ย It’s a lazy Sunday. I always love a lazy Sunday! Did you even plan to do something on a Sunday?!?

Needing.ย I plan to go back to that book I am reading. I’m opening the third book in the series and guess what, it’s an actual book, not e-books!

Feeling. Sore. I think I was in a wrong position last night cos I woke up with sore muscles down from neck to shoulders. I took some pain reliever today, and with a combination of coffee (it’s my downer, actually) and the cold weather, I just want to lie down and relax (Plus, yeah, it’s a lazy Sunday! ๐Ÿ˜› )

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

The Sunday Currently

President Macron addressed the French nation last Nov24 to announce new measures to fight this health situation that the world is going through right now.

I thought we’re ending the lockdown on December 1, but turns out that it will be on Dec15 instead. Yesterday, the new changes were implemented, particularly on the extension of the distance that we can go for exercise: 20km for 3hours. Hehe. And then when the lockdown ends on the 15th, the curfew will be back. Good thing was, they gave a special exemption on Christmas Eve (24th) and New Year’s Eve (31st). But I hope people will still observe safe health measures so we can all be done with this already. The health workers are getting saturated with all the amount of work that needs to be done in the hospitals and the rise on the issues of mental health and domestic violence is staggering.

But enough talk of Covid for now. I went out last week for a quick visit at the Antibes English bookstore and bought some Christmas cards to send to my parents and friends. Perhaps, it will be nice to receive something physical right now as a gift, like as if we’re going back to the basics. Anyway, what we can all agree here is that this year taught us to appreciate what we have and I would like to do something for my loved ones this year despite the distance we have right now.


Reading.  A regency romance novel.

Writing. I finished two chapters last night. I’m so proud of myself, haha!

Listening. The quiet hum of my laptop, and the stillness of the street under lockdown outside.

Smelling. My humidifier is on right now, and I used one of the essential oils that I bought in Marche Provencal last summer. A mixture of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and thyme just like the one below:

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family in spring.

Hoping. For a focused mind this week. I got a few hats to wear right now at work. It’s keeping me really busy.

Wearing. Itโ€™s a bit colder, but Iโ€™m in my cotton shorts and shirt. The cuddle weather is here and sometimes in the morning, it’s difficult to leave the bed.

Loving. The silence in my street during the lockdown. ESPECIALLY DURING SUNDAYS 

Needing.ย To lie down. This scent coming from the essential oil filled the apartment with some kind of warmth and comfort at this cold weather made me just want to lie down and stare at the ceiling, even when I have a few things left to do today ๐Ÿ˜€

Feeling. Relaxed. I cleaned and vacuumed the entire place today cos it started accumulating dust. Everything’s spic and span now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

A Journey Back in Time in Bataan

I have always wanted to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar the first time I heard about it. Located in Bagac, Bataan, it is a re-constructed Spanish colonial village where you can find actual heritage houses that used to be found from all over the Philippines. I applaud the genius who decided to collect these houses to preserve our history and culture this way, Mr. Jose Acuzar. There are accommodations, restaurants and shops in the village, too. Me and my friends decided to stay overnight. We chose the Executive Suite: a three-storey suite with loft, three queen beds and an extremely large bathroom. The restaurants nearby offers a fusion of delicious Filipino and European dishes, and they sometimes have musicians at night, serenading you with enchanting Filipino songs (I miss those times). The village can also be toured for a day and there were several heritage tours offered. For more details, you can check on their website.

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The Sunday Currently

It’s the 24th day of the second lockdown here in France. I’m sure that others are also counting down until this is over. Many are looking forward to the holidays in December, including me. Even though I’m not going home this year for obvious health reasons, I plan to celebrate this with a few friends, hopefully, for Noche Buena on the 24th. But it remains to be just a plan until we can be sure if it’s safe to gather together even when we’re just five.


ReadingA Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich that I bought from Antibes Bookstore before the lockdown. Still not finished with it.

Writing. None fore now. I have books to read

Listening. None. Itโ€™s quiet outside, and I like the silence.

Smelling. Fresh laundry that I haven’t folded yet ๐Ÿ˜€

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over, so, I can go home and visit the family in spring.

Hoping. Peace of mind. I have a feeling that changes are coming, especially that November will soon be over. There’s some at work and also at the personal life.

Wearing. It’s a bit colder, and I’m now in my cotton pants and shirt. The cuddle weather is here!

Loving. The silence in my street during the lockdown. ESPECIALLY DURING SUNDAYS ๐Ÿ™‚

Needing. To cook quinoa using the chicken stock I produced while cooking Hainanese chicken this week.

Feeling. Relaxed. I just got home from a short 1km walk from my apartment to the beach. I love the feel of cold air on my face as I sat on a bench and looked out into the sea. The azure seascape always puts my mind at ease, and I need that.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.